illustrators · 12. June 2019
This legendary illustrator, often using only by initials of his first names (W. W. Denslow) is best known as the original illustrator of The Wizard of Oz (or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz). He actually illustrated only the first book and made a design for the stage production but got into conflict with his friend and author Frank Baum about splitting the profits (as it pans out, there was no profit in the first stage version) and John R. Neill took over the illustrative part of the series. Denslow...
illustrators · 12. February 2019
Today I would like to present an illustrator with an astonishing talent combined with a passion which made a great impression. Her success was short-lived, though. Virginia Frances Sterrett died only 31 years old.
illustrators · 03. August 2018
Walter Crane (1845–1915) is one of the most famous illustrators from the second half of 19th century. He illustrated a lot of nursery rhymes, fairy tales and other books for children.