10. December 2018
This fairy tale, written by Charles Perrault is well known among fairy tale lovers but pretty neglected in the mainstream. Donkeyskin talks about a widower, powerful king, who set so high standards for his new wife, only his own daughter could match them. Of course, she was not very excited about his idea, so she escapes. After some hiding, she finds her real (and appropriate love) and everybody lives happily ever after…
02. November 2018
It is not always easy to distinguish between a fairy tale and a fable. They both look suitable to children, they are both amusing, both have talking animals (in most cases) and an explicit moral at the end of the story. From time to time there is really difficult to tell if a certain story belongs in the one or the other group. Can we forget the similarities and focus on the distinctions for a moment? Presumably, there actually are differences?
fairy tales · 26. October 2018
Jack was not too smart but a hearty guy who traded his cow for some supposedly magical beans. Beans were indeed magical and after one-night giant stalk had sprung up to the sky where Jack found a castle with ogre… This story is believed to be about five thousand (!) years old.
fairy tales · 03. October 2018
This famous collection of fairy tales is best known by the framed format of narration where Sheherazade tells her husband a tale after a tale just to postpone her death. After 1001 nights he finally realized his love and decides to spare her life (she gave birth to three kids in the meantime). At present, The Arabian Nights are mostly famous about there exotic settings but in the original collection is oriented on trust and loyalty, common sense and responsibility as other known fairy tales...
fairy tales · 02. September 2018
This fairy tale from 18th century talks about a wealthy merchant who lost his fortune and about his daughters who were all beautiful but only the youngest named Belle had a good heart too. The merchant got in trouble and his youngest daughter saved him by marrying the monster. After a while, she noticed the monster actually has a lot of good characteristics …
illustrators · 03. August 2018
Walter Crane (1845–1915) is one of the most famous illustrators from the second half of 19th century. He illustrated a lot of nursery rhymes, fairy tales and other books for children.
16. July 2018
The Bluebeard by Charles Perrault The Bluebeard or sometimes Blue Beard is a fairy tale about a wealthy nobleman with a blue beard who has a horrible secret. He was married several times but all his wives disappeared and nobody knows what happened to them. People guess something very bad happened to them yet nobody is able to prove anything. Being extremely rich and powerful the Bluebeard is able to stay untouched by any accusation and is still a respectful member of society. When he remarries...
collectors · 23. April 2018
Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm are undoubtedly the most famous collectors of fairy tales of all times. Their Children’s and Household Tales were at first not meant for children but they decided to adapt them to children because of strong moral messages which they believed should be presented to the youth of 19th century. They were (actually, it was Wilhelm, who did a majority of this work) constantly rewriting fairy tales year after year, edition after edition and the book, by many experts called...
05. April 2018
Rapunzel is another classic fairy tale which was a little dusty until Disney ‘rediscovered’ it. If we take some time to explore its variants, we found it was pretty improper for children by today’s standard. Here we can enjoy John Barton Gruelle’s vision from Grimm’s Fairy Tales:
22. March 2018
We often associate fairy tales with picture books, but there are numerous differences. We should know a fairy tale is a literary form (like fable, myth, legend…) and a picture book is a form of media (like comic book, theater play, newspaper…). So they can co-exist or live totally different lives. First picture books are old as print and they were typically encyclopedias where picture accompanied written word to make a better presentation (think of maps and diagrams). The first picture book...

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