fairy tales

fairy tales · 26. October 2018
Jack was not too smart but a hearty guy who traded his cow for some supposedly magical beans. Beans were indeed magical and after one-night giant stalk had sprung up to the sky where Jack found a castle with ogre… This story is believed to be about five thousand (!) years old.
fairy tales · 03. October 2018
This famous collection of fairy tales is best known by the framed format of narration where Sheherazade tells her husband a tale after a tale just to postpone her death. After 1001 nights he finally realized his love and decides to spare her life (she gave birth to three kids in the meantime). At present, The Arabian Nights are mostly famous about there exotic settings but in the original collection is oriented on trust and loyalty, common sense and responsibility as other known fairy tales...
fairy tales · 02. September 2018
This fairy tale from 18th century talks about a wealthy merchant who lost his fortune and about his daughters who were all beautiful but only the youngest named Belle had a good heart too. The merchant got in trouble and his youngest daughter saved him by marrying the monster. After a while, she noticed the monster actually has a lot of good characteristics …
fairy tales · 06. March 2018
The Frog Prince (sometimes named also The Frog King) is a well-known fairy tale from the collection of Brothers Grimm. In fact, it was the very first fairy tale in the first version of their book which is now considered as one of the cornerstones of western civilization. The main problem of the story is the importance of given word. The princess lost a golden ball and she promised to frog whatever he wanted if he can help her but when she got the ball forget everything.
fairy tales · 02. March 2018
Are fairy tales really for kids only? Did you know they were initially made for adults?
fairy tales · 21. February 2018
Cinderella is one of the eldest known fairy tales. It's very likely the most popular one as well. The reason for its popularity is probably a sense of injustice and helplessness which each of us experienced at least a few times during our childhoods. We can find hundreds of versions all around the globe, the eldest known at the moment comes from China from around 9th century.
fairy tales · 17. February 2018
Well, I love fairy tales! How come? Many years ago (or should I say once upon a time?) when I decided to become a full-time writer I noticed there is a much bigger market for children’s than adult’s audience. So I wrote a couple of fairy tales and submitted them to the editor on the national radio station. He was not too impressed with originality (they were variations of well-known stories as Ugly Duckling, The Cricket and the Ant etc.), but he liked the humor and twists of my versions, so...